Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

have a happy easter everyone out there in blogland. andrea from velvet strawberries,checkout the link to her blog below which will also lead you to her online shop full of goodies...anyway, she mentioned a 40% off sale at michaels so i went on monday and went back yesterday..i know i'm bad...but here are some of the goodies i bought from their cottage collection...the lamp above and the clock...i think they both have a french vibe....
2 pillows which i put on the loveseat in the bedroom...a closeup so you can really see the details. i also love love love to decorate for the holidays.easter seems to be the one holiday i have the least decor for but i try to add to my collection every year. check out the new goods as well as some older ones to your right. i'll leave you with these images so you really feel the easter love.have a happy bunny day.ttyl,deana.

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