Thursday, July 17, 2008

i've been slacking...

i've been a blog slacker lately. on sunday the bf and i went to a park in nyack. if you're not from around here, nyack is a town in ny state on the hudson river. we had a picnic..well it was sandwiches from subway and pringles from walmart. hey it was food, right? there are picnic tables right along the water's edge and it's just so peaceful staring out at the water. the water was pretty choppy and there were only like two boats out there. as you can see cali scored a new ball from walmart. FYI super sale at Michaels. i went yesterday and bought a clock for $2.49 and glass bottles for .49 cents each! can you believe it? i'll post pics of those another day. i haven't taken the pics yet. i meant to go back today but i never made it there. i'm guessing the sale ends on sat so i'll probably go back before then. i know i'm all over the place with this post but i'm trying to get in different stuff. also was out with my friend and her son the other day and we saw a mommy deer and her two babies. i was able to get in a quick pic while we slowed down but of course there were cars behind us.

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