Monday, October 20, 2008

Changing leaves and some new stuff

over the weekend a friend of mine had a garage sale. so on friday i started cleaning out my closets like a mad woman. in the process i pulled out an antique laundry basket that i had gotten on ebay last year and some rusty iron fleur de lis candlesticks that i bought for a $1 each at the christmastree shop last year. i was at the garage sale most of the day yesterday and she had it again today. well it didn't go so well today...1 customer and $5. i also managed to snag a frame from her and a lamp yesterday. i've already put my spin on them with the profile of cali and the decorated lampshade.(thanks angie over at the happy homebody) i'm now obsessed with the idea of decorating lampshades. one problem though, they only carry two different sizes of those self adhesive shades at joanns and the larger size was too large and the small one, which i bought, is too small. oh well, it's staying like that for now!


Jenn said...

guess what my dear!? YOU WON MY GIVEAWAY!!!!! YAHOOO:) I'm about to post it right now. I just used the random # generator...and it was YOU!


Angie said...

Love all the stuff you got! YAY for the recovered lampshade you did! So, now you are obsessed like me, huh? I actually just did one last night.

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

I love the lamp! So cute with the polka dots and the fringe, I love it!

Anonymous said...